Performance Engine Department

Our long established reputation for excellence within the motorsport industry speaks for itself.

We regularly take on jobs from enthusiasts wanting to push the limits of engine capabilities ever-further and can offer advice to customers who are planning one-off modifications and engine development work. Our enthusiastic workforce, have a vast amount of engine tuning, and development skills and offer expertise in material choice and engine design.

We have a highly equipped machine shop, and the machinists have years of experience working on high performance engines. The high quality of their workmanship, knowledge of materials, and attention to detail, helps us achieve the standards demanded by the motorsport industry.

Our reputation was established developing & building racing engines such as Ford MAE, X-flow, Pinto, BDA, BDG, Lotus Twin cam, Coventry climax, A series. We still build, test & set-up all of these engines on a regular basis.

In recent years we have gone on to establish ourselves as turbocharged engine specialists. Having built countless Subaru, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Cosworth engines, most of which are custom built, usually to run 500+HP.

The engine builders have a deep knowledge of engine dynamics, and personally carry out gas-flowing and engine balancing work. With help from our in-house flow bench and dynamometer, they have developed and honed these skills to a fine art.

This, along with the excellent quality of workmanship offered from our machine shop, allows them to blueprint & build engines to the highest standards, and finest tolerances. Ensuring every engine build reaches its maximum potential.