Competition Department by Agra Engineering

Competition Department

Competition Department

For decades AGRA has had an outstanding reputation within the Motorsport industry.  We have been building and testing race winning engines since the 1960’s and always strive to adopt & apply the latest technologies to our customer’s engines.  We run our own racing team and have first-hand experience of competing in many different forms of racing.

Our workshop has a range of specialist equipment specifically for modifying & tuning engines; dynamic balancer, dynamometers, flow-bench, Serdi valve-seat cutter, crankshaft re-grinder milling machines, lathes, horizontal borer, line-borer, cylinder borer, & plateau hone facility.  Our highly skilled engineers have the ability to carry out a wide variety of engine & gearbox conversions in-house such as gas-flowing, big-valve conversions, combustion chamber balancing, component lightening, full engine balancing, blueprinting, ARP conversions & bench testing

We have carried out engine development work for customers involved in all types of modern & historic formulas such as karting, single seater racing, rallying, sports car racing, drifting, time attacks, drag racing, tractor-pulling,  hill-climbs & sprints.

This broad range of tuning experience has allowed our workforce to develop a great understanding of engine dynamics resulting in our ability to offer tailored design solutions to meet our customer’s needs whether they are novices or experienced drivers.

Our gear-cutting department are also experienced in converting and manufacturing custom gears & drive-shafts

Our Services

  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Pressure testing
  • Vacuum testing
  • Gas-flowing
  • Big-valve conversions
  • Multi-angle Serdi-cut valve seats
  • Fly-cutting
  • Combustion chamber balancing
  • Valve spring installed heights checked
  • Valve spring pressure testing
  • Tappet re-shimming
  • Camshaft re-profiling
  • Over-boring
  • Plateau Honing
  • Line-boring
  • Crankshaft re-grinding
  • Crankshaft polishing
  • Crankshaft balancing
  • Custom Flywheel manufacturing
  • Flywheel balancing
  • Clutch balancing
  • Con-rod balancing
  • Piston balancing
  • Piston machining
  • Main bearing cap conversions
  • ARP stud conversions
  • Line honing
  • Custom Drive shaft & gear manufacturing


We were asked to overhaul CFEM type gearboxes from one of our offshore clients which were failing due to their age & original design. After carrying out some research & development work we re-evaluated the design which was implemented following type approval from DNV. The new design allows the gearboxes to be serviced and re-assembled more accurately, with less materials wasted and removes the need for slippage tests to be carried out saving our customer time & money.