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Offshore & Marine Engineering

Experts in precision engineering

With over 50 years of experience in the industry we have worked on hundreds of different projects for our offshore customers, many of whom have different QA requirements which we cater for on a one to one basis.  In the past we have taken on all types of work from 1-off specialist bespoke repairs, Gearbox repairs & servicing, cylinder head repairs & overhauls, to complete Jack-up gearbox redesigns.  The flexibility of our workshop & supply chain gives us the ability to solve the most difficult of challenges.

In the past we have serviced a number of different types of marine gearboxes; winches, jack-ups, cranes, slews, splitters, worms, and distribution gearboxes.  From manufacturers such as David Brown, Hamworthy, Liebherr, Zollern, CFEM, Friede & Goldman, and Kenz.  Following overhaul each gearbox is run on our in-house test-rig allowing us to offer detailed reports with full traceability, documentation packs, inspection & test plans as required.

We have serviced hundreds of different marine cylinder heads over the years and carry spares for Rolls Royce, Wartsila, Bergen, Hedemora, Miralees, Nohab engines.  In a lot of cases our innovative team has carried out research & development in order to salvage cylinder heads which have been deemed beyond economical repair from the manufacturers due to cracks or water erosion saving our customers huge amounts of money.

We also service outboard motors, oil pumps, sea water taps, cylinder liners, slip-ring shafts, BOP winches, mud-pumps, thrusters, & complete engines.

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Our Services

  • Marine gearbox specialists
  • CFEM Gearbox overhauls
  • Crane gearbox overhauls
  • Slewing gearbox overhauls
  • Jack-up gearbox overhauls
  • Rack-chock gearbox overhauls
  • Winch overhauls
  • Splitter gearbox overhauls
  • Distribution gearbox overhauls
  • Gearbox testing facilities
  • Cylinder head overhauls
  • Bespoke repairs
  • Bespoke design solutions
  • Liner Honing
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Reverse engineering
  • Shot-blasting
  • Welding
  • Oil-pump servicing
  • Sea water tap servicing
  • Metal spraying
  • Mud pump repairs & servicing
  • Engine overhauls
  • ISO QA certification/traceability


We were asked to overhaul CFEM type gearboxes from one of our offshore clients which were failing due to their age & original design.  After carrying out some research & development work we re-evaluated the design which was implemented following type approval from DNV.  The new design allows the gearboxes to be serviced and re-assembled more accurately, with less materials wasted and removes the need for slippage tests to be carried out saving our customer time & money